What causes eczema? – and is there a cure?

What causes eczema? - and is there a cure?

My blog “A natural skin cancer cure – iodine” generated a lot of emails, a couple of which was asking about eczema also known as atopic dermatitis. As I knew little more than how distressing it is to the sufferer I set about researching. I am however by no means an expert and I am sure that there are some of you who are – because you have had first hand experience of eczema. Please share with us your knowledge, experience and advice. If there is anything that I have written that you find/found unhelpful or wrong please put us right.

The word eczema comes from a Greek word meaning ‘to boil’. And as an inflammation of the skin it is very apt. The inflammation causes pustules on the skin and from these there is often a discharge of clear fluid. Eczema is the most chronic skin disorder. It is a disease that is the result of toxins in the body.

The causes of eczema can be:

* Childhood vaccinations

* Chemicals in diet, toiletries, laundry and household products

* Hard water

* Synthetic fabrics

* Allergies

* Pets

* Wool

* Mold

* Prescription drugs

* Varicose veins

* Failure of the system to excrete the poisons from the body.

* Faulty body metabolism

* Cold and dry weather

* Nutritional deficiencies

* Metals

* Cement

One of the things that I found repeated over and over again as being very beneficial was taking omega 3 (fish) oil.

Diet is very important. Eliminate all foods that the eczema suffer is allergic/intolerant of (a test may be necessary to find this out). Keep to a fresh food diet as much as possible. When walking round the super market check the labels for ingredients – and if in doubt don’t buy! Don’t buy anything with chemical additives in it.


Here are some home remedies for Eczema please share your successes and failures. Sharing with others is a great way to find cures that don’t have side affects!

Coconut oil helps the skin to remain soft. (I am a huge fan of coconuts and coconut oil. Coconut milk/cream is anti-viral. We use it every day – on cereal and cooking. I use coconut oil mixed with apricot oil for my skin. The apricot oil makes it less greasy and easily absorbed.)

Sunbathing is also beneficial as it kills the harmful bacteria. (I have also read that it aggravates the eczema – so be careful with this one)

Water treatments have been proved useful in treating eczema like a cold compress. It can be applied twice daily depending on the severity of the problem.

Rub nutmeg against a smooth stone with a few drops of water. Make a smooth paste and apply.

Application of spearmint leaf juice reduces eczema.

Carrot and muskmelon are highly beneficial in the treatment of eczema.

Native Americans used witch hazel for inflammatory skin conditions. Dab some on the afflicted area several times daily with a cotton ball.

Completely eliminate all toxic chemicals and try omega 3 found in oily fish and meat from grass fed animals and free range chicken eggs along with organic vegetables. Reduce grains in your diet and eliminate all sugars. Also eliminate trans-fatty acids as found in margarine and solid vegetable oils.

Good luck and send us your feedback please.


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    what causes eczema? – and is there a cure?

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