Save the planet or save ourselves?

Save the planet or save ourselves?

If you’re not concerned about the future of our planet earth then you are judged as irresponsible. “Save our planet” is the cry everywhere. It’s true of course that us humans have done some terrible things to it. And for that matter we still are. Deforestation, pollution, land-fill, toxic waste, poisoning land and water. We are wasteful, neglectful and indifferent.

But isn’t this a reflection of how we treat ourselves? Isn’t it arrogant to think we can save the resilient earth when we aren’t bothering to save ourselves.

Where does it start- the business of redemption? Does it matter what we fuel our vehicles with when our own food is full of toxic food enhancers, preservatives and artificial sweeteners? How can we protect endangered animals effectively when we don’t love ourselves or each other enough to protect mankind. We sign petitions to ban deforestation but neglect our own evolution. We connect with the magnificence of creation we call earth but ignore the magnificent creation that we call our self.

If we started at the beginning – and surely the beginning is us. If we revered the energy that created us, is within us and enables us to breath then surely we would neither harm ourselves, each other or the planet Earth?

There would be nothing to save.
It would all be taken care of. Oneness would reign. We would understand the true meaning of salvation.


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