Denying Electromagnetic radiation

Denying Electromagnetic radiation

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Trying to save our children from making the same mistakes is frustrating. They don’t want to listen. They have to learn – the hard way. It is frustrating. It’s often heart breaking. If only they had taken notice they would have been saved from a lot of suffering.

Telling people about the dangers of Electro magnetic radiation can be the same. When people have their cell phone glued to their hands, ears or stuck in a trouser pocket or down a bra they don’t want to listen about possible Cancer. Or sterility or senility. Like kids they seem to want to learn the hard way.

You can show them every article that has been written, every bit of research ever done on EMF and they will deny, deny, deny. They will even think you are cuckoo.

Written off as New Age speak those in denial will argue and brow beat you. Or their eyes will glaze over proving that there is no one home – their thoughts are elsewhere. Well let’s face it – it is easier to do nothing and take no responsibility. Until their health breaks down. And you know it will.

Until Electromagnetic radiation becomes main stream news, big time, there will always be those that don’t want to know about how their electric toys, gadgets and electrical equipment is affecting their health. Well let’s be honest even their doctor is not going to tell them!

So how do those of us that KNOW deal with our loved ones, and others, that are not taking note of the electromagnetic radiation that surrounds them. They are in danger and we want to save them. After all you don’t watch a man, or woman, drown without wanting to jump into the water and save them do you?

After you have informed them about EMF you probably have to back off a little. You can’t educate those that don’t want to learn. Like with our kids you may have to wait, watch and be patient. When they start to suffer, and they will, sadly, you can re-introduce the subject. Though they will still probably run to the doctor and get a bunch of pills. They may even tell the doctor that you said that they are suffering the effects of electromagnetic radiation. Most likely the Doc will re-inforce what they already thought – that you are wacko.

But don’t give up. Oh please, oh please don’t give up. The world needs you to spread the word so we can have a massive clean-up of this twenty-first century menace. Now I am not saying banners to Ban EMF. Being realistic we need our modern aids. But we don’t need to let them make us sick. People must be cautious, wise and preventative. This is where plain old fashioned common sense comes in.

By taking care of your own protection from electromagnetic radiation you are teaching by example. Isn’t that what all good parents do also? If you have a loved one with blinkers on, in complete denial that you want to protect right now without waiting for them to have that light bulb moment, we have created the ki-bal an innocent looking key ring that has so much kick it will give them all the protection they need. They get a present that is good looking and practical. They have no idea that there is a hidden agenda. They are thrilled, are happy and show their appreciation. Win. Win.


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