David Icke discovers orgonite

  • September 25, 2019
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David Icke discovers orgonite

David Icke writer and New World Order (NWO) researcher has finally been introduced to orgonite. Orgonite is an empowering tool to combat NWO technologies and to awaken mankind to their potential.

There is one problem I have with the whole New World Order information movement and that is it often has the effect of inducing a feeling of fear and powerlessness in the reader. I believe if you present somebody with a problem as big as fascist world domination it needs to be balanced with some solutions otherwise you serve the NWO fear-based control agenda which, in turn, causes people to go into denial.

David Icke is a long-time researcher into the conspiracy of control on this planet and has written many books on the subject. Whether you believe in David Icke’s conclusions or not you have to admire his tenacity and resolve to get his message out in the face of much ridicule and harassment.

I have often wondered why David Icke and many of his fellow researchers had not mentioned orgonite (the basic technology behind our devices. Learn more on our orgonite page) as an empowering solution to these NWO parasites.

A small orgonite device that can be bought cheaply or made by nearly anybody with some basic skills and easily sourced materials (see our orgonite making video) can cancel the disturbed energy being emitted from the many “cell phone” towers appearing in our neighborhoods. One of our p.e.bals in a nearby house will do the same job – whether you believe they are NWO population control devices or telecommunications installations.

If, like me, you see the New World Order as a passing face of the ongoing universal battle between destructive and creative forces or darkness and light then you will understand my perspective on this:

When presented by darkness should you use guns, bombs, or knives to fight it? You turn on the light, right? Orgonite is a bright light. Orgonite turns chaotic / dark energy into harmonious / light energy. Much more than this, orgonite serves to rekindle the light within us human beings – reminding us that we are powerful, loving beings integral in universal creation. When enough of us awaken to this reality the NWO will be like a pebble to be kicked aside in the path of our evolution.


David Icke & Partner Pam with ChemBuster.

Anyway, I have digressed. David Icke, I am pleased to report, has now discovered orgonite (read more here). An Orgonite warrior by the name of Rich gave him a CB (ChemBuster – more on these here and some other devices for him to use / share. I look forward to hearing more about orgonite from David in the near future. This wonderful technology needs as many spokespeople as possible.


Snoring- does it keep you awake?

Prem Rawat. We ALL Live In One House

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