Combat Wearable Tech with Wearable Wellness

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  • November 5, 2020
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It is growing increasingly difficult to remember a time when cutting-edge technology did not feature in every aspect of our lives – although it is only over the course of the last two decades that these devices, from smartphones to artificially intelligent glasses, have burst onto the scene taken a central significance around the world.

As a result, while the term ‘wearable tech’ remains new, its importance has grown considerably over the past few years. The technology industry has created a market looking for the very height of convenience – one which subsists on the promise than EMF radiation poses no issue to our health.

Why is Wearable Tech So Dangerous?

The danger of wearable tech is multifarious, and there are many factors coming into play that make the move toward devices such as smart watches and smart glasses so deeply concerning.

  • It is Growing More Common

For one thing, wearable tech represents a rapidly growing industry. In the space of just five years, there has been an unparalleled increase in the number of people across the globe choosing to wear their technology on their bodies.

In North America alone, the number of wearable devices in circulation increased by more than 178 million between 2015 and 2017, and with the recent releases of a new generation of Apple Watches, FitBits and Galaxy Watches, we can only anticipated yet another significant increase in the device’s userbase.

  • Makers Are Filled with Promises of a Healthier Lifestyle

What’s more, much of the wearable tech market is centred on the notion of self-improvement. On Apple’s website, the iWatch is described as “the ultimate device for a healthy life” and “the future of health”. FitBit and other wearable fitness trackers are purpose built to appeal to those who are most interested in leading a healthy life – they promise to aid us in our journey to fitness, track our heart rate, and even to keep track of our sleeping patterns.

Ironically, this entails users need to wear the device to bed in order to reap the full ‘benefit’ – and, unsurprisingly, the FitBit forums are already peppered with posts from users claiming that doing so led to ‘FitBit Insomnia’, which, for some, was not a condition from which they had ever suffered before.

  • It is New and Untested

The past two decades are all that stand between us, and a time when this sort of technology was nothing more than an idea too advanced for the technology we had available to us.

As a result, even those with a deep understanding of the dangers of EMF radiation cannot yet begin to quantify the level of risk to which users are being exposed.

A quick Google search of ‘VR headaches’ offers insight into a large userbase experiencing significant discomfort, nausea, dizziness and eye pain after using the devices.

While motion sickness remains the predominant theory behind this, we know that these side effects are all frequently attributed to EMF radiation – and researchers feel the same way, as studies are already being undertaken to ascertain why VR causes feelings of malaise, and more than 60% of users experience some “symptoms of malaise” during use of the technology.

The device is placed over the wearer’s head, which means that considerable doses of EMF are being continuously absorbed into the brain – a terrifying thought for anyone who has ever witness this piece of tech in action.

The story is the same for smart glasses, which have already been linked to headaches following extended use. The solution? To build up our tolerance for the device. Unfortunately, while our eyes may get used to seeing through digital lenses, our bodies will never create their own shield against EMF radiation.

What is ‘Wearable Wellness’?

Our health and wellbeing can only be supported when we adopt habits and utilise technology that do not pose their own threat to us. There is, simply, no use in a device which will alert us to small changes in our resting heartrate if they are continually poisoning our bodies with EMF radiation, and exposing our risk of health complications as devastating as cancer. It is a small convenience with a high risk of horrifying consequences.

Personal EMF protection represents the perfect antidote. Devices such as EMF protection necklaces and offer the same convenience as wearable tech – though, instead of offering minor expediency at an unquantifiable cost, they offer robust and continuous protection against one of the greatest threats currently bearing down on the modern age.

Of course, personal EMF protection is not merely an antidote to inessential devices like smartwatches – there are unavoidable and far more prolific risks to which we are all exposed each and every day.

While cell phones do not fall into the category of ‘wearable’ technology, they are frequently kept on our bodies throughout the day; we wear them in our pockets, hold them against our ears, and, in America, use them for an average of more than five hours a day.

We cannot avoid smartphones in the same way that we can avoid superfluous tech, but we can protect against them using cell phone radiation protection – rather than increasing our dependence on them through additional devices that only contribute to the vulnerabilities of modern life.


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