Is EMF radiation from your cell phone affecting you-more facts?

Is EMF radiation from your cell phone affecting you-more facts?

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Fact: Using a cell phone in areas with poor cell phone coverage is more dangerous because phones emit more radiation when searching for a signal warn researchers. 

Fact: Children have smaller and thinner skulls, which makes them more vunerable to brain cancer from radiation from a cell phone.

Fact: Neither children or adults, should sleep with an active phone next to their bed or under their pillow as they are getting radiated for several hours, increasing the risk to their health.

Fact: A new study released led by Professor Ashok Agarwal of the Reproductive Research Centre at the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio found an alarming increase in infertility amongst men who frequently use cell phones for more than four hours per day.

Fact: radiation from cell phones can damage your eyes. A recent scientific study conducted by a team of researchers from the Technion, found a link between microwave radiation, similar to the type found in cellular phones, and different kinds of eye damage.

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