Bluetooth under attack – Hearing aids and Nu-Me Win

Bluetooth under attack - Hearing aids and Nu-Me Win

It’s a sad time of life when you need hearing aids but there it is. Hearing aids somehow spell getting older. They have more of a stigma than specs. Any way I’m at that stage of life when I want to hear when they are whispering in films with loud music drowning them out. When I don’t want to give a silly answer because I miss heard the question. Oh the embarrassment. You just know that they are thinking “silly old…………….”

Any way I digress. I was having my hearing aids adjusted – turned up. The audio testing gadget (there must be a proper name for it) was slung round my neck with wires connecting it to my hearing aids and the whole lot by blue tooth to the computer. We all know that EMF radiation from blue tooth goes off the scale and I avoid consciously using it but there are occasions when we are not in control.

The audiologist was taking a long time twirling her computer mouse around, I could see that she was getting very frustrated.

“Problem?” I asked

“I am going to have to close this program down its not working. I had this happen with you before didn’t I? It is the only time that it has happened” she sighed. Difficult client.

Then it struck me, if I was the only one it happened to could the Nu-Me pendant that I was wearing be interfering because it was doing its job and protecting me? So I took it off to see.

Yes it worked and I, unprotected, got radiated by all those Electromegnetic fields from the blue Tooth.

Obviously the Bluetooth was interfered with because the audio testing device was so near to the Nu-Me pendant also round my neck and which would not stop the effectiveness of bluetooth if you were a decent distance from it. It will of course still be giving off that nasty EMF gunk but I will be within my protective harmonised space.

Well done Nu-Me and the hearing aids are working well too!

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