Are you in the Christmas Spirit?

Are you in the Christmas Spirit?

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Christmas is a funny time – and I don’t necessarily mean fun-ny. I don’t even know if Christmas is politically correct any more! Has it been relabelled “Holiday Season” so that no one is offended? Seems strange to me that the origin of Christmas that was the celebration of Jesus Christs birth could even be offensive to non-Christians.

Of course some people believe it is celebrating the birth of Santa – and in my book that is o.k., but it is still Christmas. Different strokes for different folks, why not be tolerant, if people don’t want to call a spade Christmas no one has a gun to their heads making them celebrate – Christmas. If they want a holiday season – great – but I still think it’s a Christmas holiday season. Let’s not take this political thing into the realm of stupidity when it takes away magic happening.

Now Santa drives his sleigh at Christmas, not at just any old holiday season. And Santa is not age related either. For me and all Santa believers Santa still lives in our hearts that are forever young. When we get bogged down with the grown- up duties of Christmas we are missing the wonder that Christmas used to, can, and should bring.

But let’s not forget that there are many that struggle to find the joy in Christmas. Life can do that to you. Being on your own ain’t much fun. Nor is being old or sick. Sometimes the magic is sucked out of living. This is when we can look outside our gift boxes that contain family and friends and give a little to those that are struggling. Love and caring can go a long, long way. We can bring magic back into the lives of those that need it. In fact let’s make Christmas that – Magical and full of Joy.

May Christmas see out the old year with fun, magic and love and see the New Year in with hope, peace and prosperity – and lots and lots of love.


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